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At Optical Eyeworks, we offer comprehensive eye exams from your choice of 3 doctors, prescription eye wear, sunglasses, contact lens fitting and a FREE eye wear tune-up.

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Our Optometrists use a variety of tests to examine your eyes. These tests include:

  • Glaucoma Test: A glaucoma test is designed to measure the pressure inside your eye. This test puff a small burst of air at your open eye. This test is usually done as part of the prescreening process.
  • Visual Acuity: This test measures the sharpness of your vision using an eye chart to measure your distance visual acuity and a hand held eye chart to measure your near vision.
  • Colour Blindness: This test is performed early in the exam to rule our colour blindness.
  • Cover Test: A cover test allows the eye doctor to assess if the patient has strabismus, binocular vision or amblyopia. During this test, the optometrist will have the patient focus on an object and cover one eye at a time.
  • Silt Lamp: During this part of the eye exam, you’ll place your chin on a chin rest while the doctor shines a lamp into your eye. This test allows the doctor to see the front and back of your eye to rule out diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration, corneal ulcers, diabetic retinopathy.
  • Refraction: During this test, the eye doctor puts a phoropter in front of your eyes and has you look through the lenses. The doctor then asks you which of the two lenses looks clearer. This test allows the doctor to accurately reach a final eye glass prescription.

Prescription Eye Wear & Sunglasses

At Optical Eyeworks, we carry just under 1,000 pairs of frames and sun glasses assuring you’ll find the style you’re looking for on any budget. We carry, Armani, Hugo Boss, Guess, D&G, Vogue, Silhouette, Lacoste, Ray Ban, Armani Exchange, Boss Orange, Ted Baker, OGA, Rodenstock, Fysh UK, Kliik and more.

After picking out your frames, we have a variety of lenses to choose from including bifocal, distance and reading lenses and the option of anti-reflective coating on all your lenses. Our trained opticians can help determine the best eye wear for your face and help you make the right lens choices.

Contact Lens Fitting

During a contact lens fitting session, you’ll receive a consultation, measurement of your eye surface to evaluate fit and comfort; instructions and practice on inserting and removal of the contacts and care instructions.

We carry thousands of Contact lenses and can fit almost any prescription and astigmatism. We offer hard and soft lenses and stock daily’s and monthly contacts.

Eye Wear Tune-up

At optical Eyeworks, we offer complementary tune-up on any eye wear (even if you didn’t buy from us) so you may enjoy the comfort of properly fitted eye wear that feel like new! With regular wear, it’s suggested to have a tune-up every 6 months.



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