Eye and Vision Exams

Eye and Vision Exams Provided by a Richmond Hill, ON Optometrist

You should visit a local optometrist for a vision exam to assess your sight on a regular basis, even if you feel like you can see fine. Unnoticeable eye problems could be occurring, and the only way to detect them is through one of our comprehensive eye exams. At Optical EyeWorks, serving Richmond Hill, ON and the surrounding region, we evaluate our patients' vision and eye health during routine exams in order to help them see clearly and prevent problems in the future. 

Eye and Vision Exams Provided by a Richmond Hill, ON Optometrist

Vision Exams

A vision exam is an evaluation of how well you can see. It helps us determine if you need corrective eyewear to see clearly. Keep in mind, in order to drive; your vision must be at a certain level, so maintaining your eyesight is essential. During your vision screening, we have you look through a specialized device that has two lenses. You have to read the letters you see. Based on the line you can read, we determine your prescription. We also check your vision for astigmatism, which is a refractive error. It occurs when your eyes aren't perfectly round and light doesn't reflect on the retina properly. Ultimately, it leads to blurry vision. In severe cases, you might notice you start losing your ability to see up close and in dimly lit areas.

Eye Exams

Eye exams help our optometrist examine your eyes and determine if you have any issues with your eyes. The eye exam consists of us having you look into a machine that blows air into your eyes. It evaluates the pressure of your eyes to determine if you have glaucoma. We also use a magnifying glass to look inside your eye. This assists us in looking at your retina and other portions of your eye. We look at the lens of your eye to check you for cataracts, in particular, as you age.

Contact Lenses or Glasses Fitting 

Once we determine your prescription and make sure your eyes are healthy enough for contacts, you can choose between contacts, glasses, or both. If you choose contacts, we'll have you look into a machine that takes the dimensions of your eyes. Based on the results of your vision screening and eye exam, we may discover you need a special type of contacts. A glasses fitting consists of you picking out the frames you like. Then, our optometrist measures your face to find the right size.

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